Google Tools used to promote a local business online in Manchester

If you are a local business with a good looking website but are disappointed with the number of client inquiries, online bookings or customer orders then you are not alone!  It comes as a surprise to many small business owners just what is required to promote a local business online. Having recently faced exactly the same concerns from one of my clients, I thought it would be of value to share the steps I took and Google Tools I used in order to promote a local business online in Manchester.   The above diagram illustrates that it required setting up and connecting no fewer than FIVE Google services and knowledge of Google Authorship in order to:
    • Build reputation for the client to be seen as a credible thought leader in her business sector.  It required developing a Google Plus profile and implementation of Google Authorship in order to appear correctly on the Search Engine Results Pages – SERPS.
    • Use of Google Places in order to promote the local business online in Manchester on Google Maps
    • Advertise the business locally, setting up a Google Adwords pay per click campaign.
    • Measure & record website visitors & conversions using Google Analytics.
    • Ensure Google approval of the website, technically speaking, which requires use of Google Webmaster Tools in order to test on-page factors such as Page Load Time and whether your site is optimised for mobile devices.
As I often say, none of this is rocket science.  It just takes time, patience, paying attention to detail and a few cups of coffee…[hr] So if you think I can help you – or someone you know – then please get in touch.