Setting Yourself Up For Success in Multi-Channel Retailing

My ecommerce consulting and CRM advice shines the spotlight on your multi-channel software automation requirements, Pick, Pack & Dispatch order processing processes and use of CRM to manage customer relationships.

Are you undecided whether to sell on the marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay or ETSY or to stick to selling on your own website?  Or maybe you are already selling on these marketplaces but have fallen into the trap of getting Bad Feedback! What are the key ingredients for multi-channel retailing success?  How can you avoid the customer service pitfalls?  And what can be done to improve customer communications by email or text messaging?

The practicalities of multi-channel retailing soon add up: Selling across Ebay, Amazon and your own website, across multiple marketplaces and countries, possibly with local language translations, with differential pricing can all quickly add up to becoming quite a lot to manage and a potential customer service headache…

IMHO, the two most important criteria to focus on are:

  • To set clear, accurate & unambiguous delivery goals: Next Day Delivery if possible.  But 3 days an absolute maximum…

  • Clear, accurate & unambiguous customer communications, both from yourself and your preferred logistics / delivery partners.

And if you do successfully meet your customer’s purchasing & delivery expectations then you will be rewarded with that all important Good Feedback.

Both Amazon and Ebay look at your Feedback ratings and are ruthless with retailers who fail to achieve good ratings & reviews: There is nothing more painful than being kicked off a marketplace.  It damages your reputation & business, it takes ages to recover lost revenues and is a very time consuming process to get reinstated.

In order to achieve good feedback your product sales, inventory availability, order processing and customer communications processes have all got to be automated, thought through and joined up!!

  • Inventory management across all your sales channels is a must.

  • Having a single Pick, Pack & Dispatch order processing process is really important.

  • And integrating courier tracking details into your customer communications really valuable.

In order to achieve all this your business needs to include multi-channel software automation, dispatch management and in some cases a CRM system in order to manage your customer relationships.

In summary, embracing multi-channel ecommerce is quite an undertaking.  But it is far better to anticipate the inventory management, order processing & customer communications challenges rather than wing it and hope that you stay lucky…