Ebay Marketplace Management using WP Lister Pro


If you want a multi-channel management solution for your online retail business – with no rev share – then look no further!

I use my personal  experience gained when working for ChannelAdvisor to recommend WP-Lister Pro, which provides a multi-channel marketplace management capability within your WooCommerce shop enabling you to list and sync your products with multiple Ebay marketplaces.

I will install, configure and train you on using the awesome WP-Lister Pro using my tried and tested three stage process, Discovery, Build & Training enabling you to extend your WooCommerce shop to sell on multiple eBay marketplaces with full inventory management control.

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Forget all the Marketplace Management Platforms being hard sold to you that come with a % rev share cost…

I will provide a multi-channel Ebay marketplace management capability within your WooCommerce shop that enables you to list and sync your products with multiple Ebay marketplaces:

  • I’ll install and setup WP Lister Pro with your WooCommerce shop and configure to use your Ebay accounts.
  • Setup 1 x WP-Lister Pro Profile, which sets your Ebay environment.  IE.  Item specifics, listing duration, shipping rules, 2 x Payment methods (Paypal + 1 other) & returns policy.
  • Test that six products are listing and syncing correctly with your Ebay marketplaces.
  • Setup centralised order fulfillment in WooCommerce for your marketplace orders.
  • And run a few test orders thru the system to confirm a successful setup.
  • A big objective of mine is for you to become self sufficient in managing your multi-channel marketplace selling, so I include 1 x hour’s training, so that you can manage Wp-Lister Pro, configuring your products to list and sync on Ebay marketplaces.

I will require:

  • You to provide your Ebay Marketplace credentials.

About This Work:

  • This programme of work will take approximately 8 x hours of my time comprising of:
    • 1 x hours “Discovery” – discussing and understanding your requirements.
    • 6 x hours “Build” – setup, woo product alignment, Ebay template build, item specifics, products verification, order fulfilment thru Woocommerce and testing.
    • 1 x hours “Training” – familiarising you with WP-Lister Pro so that you can add Products and sync to your marketplaces.
  • Any additional time needed to meet your advanced marketplaces or training needs will be charged at £50 / hour.
  • A BIG pre-requisite is that your website is already built on WordPress and running WooCommerce.

This package of work does not include: